Fortune magazine has announced its 26th annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, and for the 15th time, Scripps Health has made the cut. The prestigious ranking places Scripps at No. 95, making it one of the top employers in the nation. Notably, Scripps is the only company in San Diego County to receive this honor.

“Given the magnitude of the challenges being faced by hospitals now, I am particularly proud that Scripps remains on the list of top employers from all industries,” said Chris Van Gorder, Scripps president, and CEO.

Reflecting the pressure that hospitals across the country have been facing from a wide range of ongoing issues, a number of healthcare providers who have been on the list historically dropped off this year, leaving only Scripps and two others. 

“Caring is our mission. It drives everything we do,” Van Gorder said. “That means caring for the community, as well as each other. The value we place on our people is evident through programs that support their development, self-care and well-being in the face of many challenges, and it is a central reason why we have been recognized by Fortune’s 100 best list for the 15th time.”

With more than 20,000 employees, clinicians, and volunteers at five hospital campuses, including four acute care centers and 30 outpatient centers and clinics, Scripps has created a high-performing, diverse workforce by accommodating the needs of its employees at the beginning, middle and later stages of their careers.

“We hope to continue to be a catalyst for greater workplace safety in our state, nation and beyond,” Van Gorder said.