The AMA’s push to avert an 8.5% Medicare cut in the 2023 omnibus spending bill slowed down the wheels of a runaway train—but didn’t stop it completely. Physicians will still see a 2% cut in Medicare pay this year, with at least a 1.25% cut in store for 2024.

Throwing in patches and preventing cuts year after year after year is not sustainable, warned AMA Senior Vice President of Advocacy Todd Askew.


“We spend all our time trying to prevent a 2% cut, a 4% cut, an 8% cut. And nobody on Capitol Hill or within the administration is focused on fixing the root problem—and that's the payment system itself,” Askew said during a recent episode of “AMA Update.”

Askew also discussed why a 2% cut might force some practices to reconsider Medicare, underscoring the urgency of reforming the Medicare payment system.

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