We are excited to inform you of two grant programs available through the Department of Health Care Services that can greatly benefit your medical practice. These grants provide financial support for various aspects of practice transformation and data sharing. We have included a Q&A section below to address any questions you may have and to offer assistance with the application process.


What grant programs are currently available and how can it benefit my medical practice?
  • Data Sharing Agreement Grant: Practices that have signed the DSA can apply to receive direct support for DxF implementation, with financial assistance ranging from $15,000 to $50,000. Funds can be used for EHR upgrades and onboarding to a Health Information Exchange.
  • Equity and Practice Transformation Provider Directed Payment Program: $650 million ($325 million General Fund) is available over five years to support delivery system transformation, specifically targeting primary care practices that provide pediatrics, family medicine, internal medicine, OB/GYN or behavioral health services that are integrated in a primary care setting to Medi-Cal members. Funds can be used to implement practice infrastructure, such as electronic health record systems, data collection, recording capabilities, improved data exchange, and implementation of care management systems.

What are the eligibility requirements for these grant programs? Is there a deadline?

  • Data Sharing Agreement Grant: General acute care hospitals, physician organizations, medical groups, skilled nursing facilities, clinical laboratories, health care service plans and disability insurers, and acute psychiatric hospitals who have signed the DSA are eligible. Upcoming deadlines for ROUND 3: 10/2/2023 to 12/1/2023
  • Equity and Practice Transformation Provider Directed Payment Program: Physician organizations that are assigned at least 1,000. Medi-Cal members (500 members if the practice is in a rural area. Upcoming deadline: TBA/End of September

How long is the process until I’m notified if I’m a recipient of the grant?

  • Data Sharing Agreement Grant: Estimated dates of award announcements: ROUND 3: January 15, 2024
  • Equity and Practice Transformation Provider Directed Payment Program: November 2023

What obligations or commitments are associated with receiving the grant?

  • Data Sharing Agreement Grant: Practices choose at least one of four outcomes to meet within 24 months:
    1. Contract with a technical vendor to enable real-time data exchange
    2. Use a tech solution that can support real-time data exchange
    3. Configure, upgrade, or adopt a certified EHR or other electronic record system required to enable real-time data exchange
    4. Create and complete training for new operational and clinical workflows required to complete real-time data exchange
  • Equity and Practice Transformation Provider Directed Payment Program:
    1. Commitment to required categories and activities
    2. Commitment to categories and activities that that the practice selects
    3. Completion of the pmhCAT
    4. Attend EPT statewide learning collaborative sessions

Who can I contact to get more guidance in submitting my grant application?

These grant opportunities present a significant chance to enhance and transform your medical practice. If you are eligible, please sure to apply today!