With a January 31, 2024 deadline approaching for many entities to begin securely exchanging health information under the Data Exchange Framework (DxF), the California Health and Human Services Agency’s (CalHHS) Center for Data Insights and Innovation (CDII) as begun accepting applications for the second round of Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) Signatory Grants.

California entities that have signed the DSA can apply to receive direct support for DxF implementation, with financial assistance ranging from $15,000 to $50,000, or more via enhanced funding to entities serving underserved communities.

The grant program provides health and social services entities with resources to address critical operational, technical and technological barriers to DxF implementation. Entities that have signed the DSA and can demonstrate that additional support and capabilities are needed to meet their DSA requirements are eligible to apply.

The available grants prioritize investments in organizations and practices operating in under-resourced geographies and/or serving historically marginalized populations and underserved communities. These areas and populations are often the most impacted by siloed records and discontinuous care, health care barriers the DxF seeks to resolve. Enhanced funding maximums are available for those that meet certain criteria to help mitigate inequities. This additional assistance helps ensure that Signatories, regardless of size or location, have the resources they need for smooth implementation of the DxF.

To support the range of activities that may be needed comply with the DSA requirements and varying capacity for grant application and management, CDII is offering two types of grants:

  • Technical Assistance : This is a flexible, “build-your-own-solution” pathway. DSA Signatories identify a range of technical and operational activities and manage the entire process of applying for and managing funds directly.
  • Qualified Health Information Organization (QHIO) Onboarding: This is an “assisted” pathway in which grantees receive support to onboard to a CDII Qualified HIO that will act as an exchange intermediary, enabling the signatory to fulfill their DSA requirements.

The second-round application window will close September 1, 2023. Additional rounds may be added on as needed and will be announced at a later date.